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First Love Last Love

First Love Last Love is the first European online community for boarding girls, set up by O’Neill. This community supports boarding girls and organises ‘girls out’ days for yet non-surfing girls to try sports like wave surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing during summer. Grab a board and get in the water!



Isn’t it strange? I started this blog about my Love for Water yesterday evening and this morning there was suddenly no water coming out of the tap. Just like that. No sign from the city that they would work on it. Nothing. I only heard a bubbling sound.  “I feel so handicapped without it”, my neighbour said. And that’s exactly how I felt as well! I wanted to take a shower, but I couldn’t, I wanted to make coffee but I couldn’t, I wanted to brush my teeth but I couldn’t. Water is such a basic thing and we so easily forget about it. We take it for granted, but it’s actually a huge drama if we would be forced to live without it. They can steal my books, my cd’s and all my fancy clothes, but not the WATER! I love it & I need it. We all need it, so let’s care for it.

–> As I went down the stairs, I found a man in overalls with fixing gear. The house owner had asked him to fix something and therefor he had switched of the head tap. Problem solved! But I guess anyway… that it’s a sign to continue with this blog.