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Thinking about the Sea

I never thought she would think about this…


Fisheye Submarine

My best friends gave me a Lomography Fisheye Submarine camera as a birthday present!

The Fisheye Submarine is the big dipper of all lomography underwater camera cases. It takes the Fisheye experience to a whole new level! So from now on I can explore new places and clear waters, even as deep as 20m below the surface. …Somebody has an extra ticket  to a sunny, warm and beachy destination?

Front Crawl

Off course I can swim, I do the breaststroke already for as long as I remember! I love it and I can say I am pretty good at it, but as soon as I start the front crawl I look like a drowning dog. I never learned the technique so I thought it was about time to take some private lessons. Today you could find me in the children’s area of the Olympic swimming pool, exercising to learn the perfect style.

The front crawl of forwarded crawl is a swimming style usually regarded as the fastest of all styles developed. Unlike the backstroke, the butterfly stroke and the breaststroke, the front crawl is not regulated by the FINA, but it is nearly universally swum in freestyle competitions.

GOOD Water

GOOD Magazine offers articles, commentary, fiction and comics on culture and society. Here you can see a movie about Water from GOOD. Check:

My birthday!

It’s my birthday! I’m off to the sea-side!

Voiles d’Antibes

I went to the South of France to write a report about the ‘Voiles d’Antibes’, a classic sailing regatta. This was published yesterday in the Belgian SABATO-magazine. Pictures by Jonas Roosens.

Perfumes in the Pool

The Dutch version of ELLE magazine brings a nice perfume production in the June edition. It shows summer scents disguised as girls in bikini, bottles with a maritime air and make-up pallets in a beach bag. The perfect guests for a pool party with a splash!

Production: Stefanie Bottelier – Picture: Oof Verschuren