Create a Picture Show About Water

GOOD magazine is calling all photographers—amateur or professional to communicate the importance, beauty, and wonder of water—as a life-giving resource and a vital habitat—in all its many forms. To accomplish that, GOOD needs you to take a picture that relates to the theme of water. GOOD will select 10 to 15 of them to create a collaborative Picture Show. Once the Picture Show is published, the GOOD community will be invited to choose their favorite images. The winning submission will be printed in the next magazine issue and the photographer will get a GOOD T-shirt and a free subscription.

THEME: Water. We need to live, of course, and, as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has made clear, it’s an important and at-risk habitat. Let’s pay homage to the vital liquid.

OBJECTIVE: Take a picture of a body of water that is meaningful to you. This could be anything from a bath tub to the Pacific Ocean. Include a short explanation (up to 40 words) of why it’s significant.

REQUIREMENT: Check GOOD takes submissions now through July 16 and will publish a Picture Show with a selection of the submissions on July 19.

Go for it!


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